Aveto Ltd

    We design, create and markets tools for exploration that enable people to relax, improve their relationship with themselves and others and find the keys to their creativity.

    Spread Happiness

    Technology that enables people to relax and explore their potential has the power to spread happiness, creativity and inspiration. AquaVibe is such a technology.


Meditation with AquaVibe

We firmly believe that human beings are limited only by their inability to observe themselves non-judgmentally and let go of the negative states that bind them. To transcend the internal chatter that cause us so much unnecessary suffering requires effort. We know that this can be done by daily meditation practice, yet believe the tremendous power of technology can be harnessed to experience faster, easier results. With this idea in mind AquaVibe was born.

Mountains AV1200


    Like the Yoga teacher

    When a yoga teacher holds the student in a asana posture they can not yet achieve alone the feeling of success is imprinted upon the unconscious. Now the goal has been realised the student simply practices and the unconscious waits patiently for the imprinted pattern to inevitably match its already experienced success.

    AquaVibe the teacher

    Aquavibe has the potential to help you achieve the desired state you are aiming for, like the yoga teacher holding you in the posture you are aiming to achieve. Then you will know that it is possible and you will know how it feels as your daily efforts takes you closer to your goal.

    The yoga teacher