Dry Floatation

    Imagine floating effortlessly on a waterbed with the gentle tones of sound and music rippling through the water gently massaging your whole body as it does so.


    You both hear and feel the beautiful soundscape being played as it massages all the cells throughout your body as you are dropped into a sensory pool of sound, colour and exquisite sensation.



This is sensory saturation at its best occupying three of the main communication channels of the mind, seeing, feeling and hearing. This gently entrains the senses into a harmonic synergy, freeing the mind of its usual preoccupations with the outside world, resulting in you dropping into a level of consciousness that has been likened to deep meditation.



    Here an exquisite feeling of relaxation pervades your mind and body producing a sense of freedom and focused awareness.

    The Zone

    The state this brings is sometimes referred to as being “in the Zone”. It is here in this inner space that people have their most interesting experiences


Fusion of Science and the Senses

When your body relaxes the mind becomes free from intrusive and worrisome thoughts, the autonomic nervous system responds by stabilizing heart rate and breathing. Heart rate variability stabilizes, a good indicator of your relaxation level, which in turn reduces the production of stress hormones and actively promotes the production of the “feel good” hormones such as serotonin and endorphins.

Fusion of science and senses

Monitoring stress and goal setting

An HRV sensor fits on the finger of the client as they lay upon the Aquavibe and transmits real time bio-marker information via Bluetooth such as heart beat average and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) during their Aquavibe experience to an app on their phone and iPad positioned in the Aquavibe room.

This information can be read and interpreted by the client and the AV operator. It gives information about the activity occurring within the autonomic nervous system and is a reliable indicator of the level of stress and the adaptability to it that the client is managing in their general lives.

Once we have a number of readings we can calculate an accurate picture of the stress point the client operates at and so can guide them in a positive direction. This will help to alleviate the negative results of stress which affects their biological age and physical, mental and emotional health.

Wellbeing goals and practices can be set with the AV operator and the client can be shown objective evidence based bio-markers (HRV) over a time period to see the benefits and the  direction they are going in.

The HRV app does the calculations and provides easily understood information to the client that can be extrapolated by a trained AV operator. The truly is a fusion of science and the senses.