A vehicle for relaxation

    Nigel initially designed Aquavibe®™ as a delivery system for transformational hypnotherapy and as a stress management and relaxation vehicle for his clients

    New Skills

    He soon discovered that the Aquavibe®™ experience enabled clients to learn new skills quickly and effortlessly through deep relaxation facilitated by this technology.

    The Technology
    The Technology


Vibroacoustic therapy is a  recognized technology that uses sound in the audible range to produce  vibrations of specific frequencies that are applied directly to the body. The technology uses transducers and pure light emitting LED’s fitted within specially engineered units to provide a physiologic, visual and auditory experience. Benefits include stress relief, improved focus and attention, enhanced creative thinking and turns on a sense of wellbeing. Aquavibe brings happiness and peace of mind.

    Anxiety reduction

    Relaxation and resultant anxiety reduction have been continuously noted as significant outcomes of vibroacoustic therapy by its users.

    Relaxation response

    At the 1994 National Association of Music Therapy conference in Los Angeles, California, George Patrick, Ph.D presented the theory that vibroacoustic therapy triggers the relaxation response suggesting that it floods the body with “happy hormones” such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine.


Exceed expectations

The world has seen a number  of versions of vibroacoustic platforms but we believe that our design and our technology is the best. We at fullspectrum love technology and innovations that assist the creative potential of the human mind to exceed expectations and to that end we are constantly pushing the boundaries of exploration. Our new improved all immersive and radically redesigned AquaVibe unit is now available. Contact us for more details

Aquavibe in a Spa setting. See our new Aquavibe


Aquavibe in a Spa setting