The Aquavibe Sensory Sound Unit

This state of the art sensory sound unit is designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience using sound and light vibrations to gently massage the body. This increases blood flow and stimulates cells that help eliminate toxins while facilitating a deep state of mind and whole body relaxation. No doubt you want to offer your clients the best wellbeing technology available today so why not add the Aquavibe unit to your business? Everybody loves it and you can gain an instant revenue stream from this incredible technology.

We understand that space is at a premium so we have designed the AquaVibe Spa model with that in mind


The Aquavibe is ideal for plug and play establishments such as Spas, hotels, wellbeing and health centres. Easy to use and inexpensive to run with little maintenance to consider. The Aquavibe Spa model’s  dimensions are Length 220cm Width 100cm Height 70cm

Contact us for a demonstration.


Ongoing Support and Marketing

We will support you every step of the way. We will train you or your staff on the use of the Aquavibe and the numerous audio visual programmes available. It is a very user friendly system.

Business Partners

We are open to proposals from prospective business partners so if you want to be involved in the light, sound and vibration wellbeing revolution do contact us.

Try before you buy

We can arrange a test drive at our existing location so you can experience it for yourself.

Revenue Calculator

Use the sliders to calculate how much revenue you could earn per year with your own Aquavibe unit(s).


Aquavibe Sensory sound wave-table

Aquavibe sensory sound & light wave-table experience available  at Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel Spa.


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