This is cumulative and the more a client learns to know what deep relaxation feels like the easier it becomes to achieve on and off the Aquavibe.

    Cellular cleansing

    Vibrations stimulate cellular cleansing and increase speed of cellular turnover encouraging healing and body wellness. Circulation benefits from gentle body vibration and relaxation, deeper breathing is stimulated and lymphatic elimination is encouraged

    Improves bone density

    and reduces back pain and helps body fat dispersal and absorption. Studies have reported that whole body vibration alone improves body composition, muscular strength, and cardiovascular health concurrently

Refreshes the brain cells.

The skull is a vibrational chamber, which is designed to increase cerebral spinal fluid osmosis through natural sound vibrations. The Aquavibe speeds up the process refreshing the brain cells faster than normal. This improves brain function, creative thinking and may help in preventing premature brain cell degeneration.

    The whole mind body experience

    Moves the client out of the head and into the senses bringing relaxation and peace of mind. A relaxed body accompanies a relaxed and alert mind.

    The sound wave vibrational frequencies stimulate digestive health and encourages elimination.

    Elevates mood

    The pure coloured light emitted from the glasses can be used to alleviate Seasonal Affected Disorders and can lift moods. Colour light therapy has been proven to help those of all ages to reduce pain, enhance mental health, and boost overall wellness and enhances creative thinking. Plus. it is an enjoyable experience

    Tension relief

    The sound waves breakup tension in the muscles and can release the effects of stress that can get stuck in the body. 

    Fat reduction

    Sound wave vibrations breakdown fat cells in the body. The fat cells get smaller as the fat stored in them is broken down by the sound waves and used for energy.

It is effortless

It does it for you – you don’t have to do anything apart from let go – it’s a real mini break from a busy life

    Learning through relaxation

    It is a form of passive learning through relaxation, which increases the more you use it.

    Benefits are cumulative.

    The benefits to both mind and body are cumulative with use. The technology is a fusion of science and the senses and is built on a firm foundation of science, knowledge and experience that people can understand and trust.

Why the time is right for Aquavibe

Work-related stress and anxiety are the leading cause of ill health and sickness absence in Britain, say the British Safety Council. The report says 15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19. Since the pandemic many more people than usual are experiencing stress and anxiety. Aquavibe is a perfect example of the way forward. People are becoming more aware that change occurs from the inside out. They want to be empowered to help themselves. Aquavibe is positioned to do just that.

The aim of Aquavibe sessions is more than just relaxation, though that is enough in its self; it is the fusion of the attention with a relaxed body, a return to presence, a raising of consciousness and mindfulness in action.

The relaxation response

The benefits of the relaxation response are well known – the breath deepens, the heart rate slows, the thinking process becomes a little less intrusive, it becomes easier to access creative thinking and inspiration. As we experience a sense of spaciousness and release, we are less dependent on external factors for our sense of wellbeing as we are discovering for ourselves that it comes from within.

After sufficient experience of these expansive states we are less prone to go back to our old tense, stressed ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Aquavibe sessions can help us let go tension and subsequently our fixed and repetitive postures that can so often cause pain in the mind and body. Aquavibe is truly a fusion of science and the senses that needs to be experienced to be believed.