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    Champneys Health Spa - Forest Mere


    Aquavibe has just launched at Champneys Book your Aquavibe Experience at Champneys: 01428 726000


    Aquavibe has now launched at Six Senses Spa Hotel Book your Aquavibe Experience at Six Senses: +351 254 660 600



  • The heavens opened and I was swallowed up by it all.  I emerged learning something profound about myself

    Lilian Lakscmi Shaw - Yoga Teacher

  • Bright beautiful colours and waves of emotion washed over me. I am really interested in using this with my patients

    Chavi ‘X’ - Junior Doctor

  • This was amazing! I slept, dreamt, floated, fell, listened and thought. A good ride and much needed sleep.

    Idris Elba - Actor