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newlogo11We are an ecologically minded family business that has grown organically since first setting up our homoeopathic practice in 1979.

We source natural organic herbal tinctures, oils and remedies of the highest quality and purity and offer a full spectrum of specialized services and products to enhance mind, body and spirit.


Full SpectrumWe have over 30 years experience of working with Kirlian photography. If you want it done the Kirlian way Fullspectrum can help you do it.



Links to articles and research on the benefits of Vibroacoustic therapy.

Effects of physical and vibroacoustic therapy in chronic pain and JUVENILE ARTHRITIS

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Improves PAIN MANAGEMENT and more

Vibroacoustic Therapy in Treatment of PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS and DEPRESSION

Clinically Proven Non-Pharmacological PAIN AND ANXIETY MANAGEMENT TOOL

Nurses Ease PAIN IN CANCER Center with Music

Effectiveness of Vibroacoustic Music for Pain and Symptom Management in Outpatient CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENT

Jean-Martin Charcot and his vibratory chair for PARKINSON DISEASE

By NEURO REHABILITATION Vol 25, No.4 (2009).


Great article on use of sound and vibrations for healing and relaxation