The heavens opened and I was swallowed up by it all.  I emerged learning something profound about myself

Lilian Lakscmi Shaw - Yoga Teacher

Bright beautiful colours and waves of emotion washed over me. I am really interested in using this with my patients

Chavi ‘X’ - Junior Doctor

This was amazing! I slept, dreamt, floated, fell, listened and thought. A good ride and much needed sleep.

Idris Elba - Actor

Just returned from Positive Medicine in Lindfield, where Andy and I had the full relaxing experience of the Aquavibe. We all deserve a bit of time for ourselves to unwind and just be, and let go. We experience incredible colours and sounds, while our body was massaged with good vibrations. This is one very extraordinary and clever bed. Time out, peace out, ahhhhhhhhh! Go try it, you all, you know you want to!

Candy Rowe -

Great experience, very relaxing. Didn’t want to leave the mattress! Had a psychedelic experience though I have never taken drugs. Thank you very much for those experiences!

Sarah -

Amazing experience. I saw so much and I didn’t want to leave. What an experience and ride I had and I’ll be back for more….

Steve -

A beautiful and playful journey for your senses. Smile evoking and heart warming. A harmonious experience that is provocative in your relaxation.

Gary Langley -

I’ve never had such a complete experience of myself as I’ve had in my session with Aqua Vibe. I’ve done yoga for 3 decades, taught yoga for 2 decades, practised as a psychotherapist for 1 decade, done loads of meditation retreats, taken groups away on my own retreats and this experience with Aquavibe was like treating myself to an experience of me – a deep journey into myself without psychotropic drugs or ayahuasca or shaman leading me I could surrender to myself fully and simply breathe and let go. Thank you.

Joshua Isaac Smith -

Vibrations were very relaxing and moved across your body like waves. The last minute was amazing as my body felt very relaxed. Thank you

Michael -

Well I must say. At one point it felt as if I were naked! I had a strong feeling as if my body was floating. The geometric patterns are very nice, feels like they are inside you. Thank you very much

Graham -