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    It was like being on holiday. Very refreshing and relaxing.

    John -

    Combinations of sound and vibration really resonated with me, the lights taking my conscious mind to different states and feelings. Beautiful ride and thank you.

    Melissa -

    It was a strange but amazing feeling. Felt at peace with myself. Strangely, there were times, when I could feel my body. Felt being, existing but without my body. I was free!!! Also, sometimes I saw some pictures – saw myself in certain situations. The music was amazing, and it was a “journey” I’d highly recommend to anybody. A perfect Birthday present THANK YOU

    Liana -

    Amazing experience – like nothing I’ve experienced before. Hard to find the words to describe it – like rushing through a long bright, pulsating tunnel of light. Quite a journey!

    Serena -

    Feeling I was rushing through the veins in my bloodstream, like a tunnel, ending up at my heart and feeling the pulsating love and energy of my heart. Visiting an old South American temple flying around it and bathed in sunshine.

    Mel -

    Feelings of being lifted up out of my body. Visualising the neurons of my brain, seeing the chemicals flowing.

    Toby -

    Bright beautiful colours and waves of emotion washed over me. I am really interested in using this with my patients

    Chavi ‘X’ - Junior Doctor

    The heavens opened and I was swallowed up by it all.  I emerged learning something profound about myself

    Lilian Lakscmi Shaw - Yoga Teacher

    Its like a journey going back into your past.

    John Holder - Owner of Mind Body Spirit Exhibition

    It was as if my unconscious mind was communicating with my conscious mind

    Sarah Bramley - Sales and Marketing Manager, Mind Body Spirit Exhibition