Logo Intro Explainer Video Joe Office This is Joe. Joe is stressed out I can't think... I'm so stressed Nothings coming to me Joe Walking Joe goes out to get some air I need to find a way to relax & revitalise Hold on, what's this? Joe decides to give it a go... Joe Aquavibe Joe selects a programme called "Revitalise" Puts on the headphones & glasses, lays on the Aquavibe & feels like he is floating Wow I can feel & hear The music Its massaging my body inside & out Mmmm And 30 minutes later... Joe Walking Joe comes out feeling like a new man My head is so clear! Got some great ideas He heads back to work ready for anything Joe Office This is Joe. Joe is no longer stressed out This is flowing I can do this! I'm going to have an Aquavibe session every week Logo Outro Visit Website View testimonials Audio Layer